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Dan Holloran is a very naive and misunderstood young man. Having been an obedient, “good boy” all his life, he rebels against his approaching thirtieth year. He divorces Barbara and seeks to discover his capabilities with women and life as a very active member of the Ski Club in Baltimore.

Dan learns lessons about love and life in his process. Both can be good or bad. Dan learns from single women who are familiar with the realities of life. These women provide him with sober lessons.

While sobriety is offered as a way of life, Dan chooses to continue his journey on a pathway to Hell. He does not believe in Hell so continues his love affair with alcohol. Many available women feel jilted by him and leave his life. Dan finds sanctuary with a group who become his undoing. Paradoxically, they become his “family” as he experiences love like he never had before.

Dan’s family is the Irish American Defense League. His “brothers” are ’Jimmy’, Biff, and Grunt, the Head of the IADL and his BullDogs. Dan builds a team of five women and a sixteen-year-old orphan boy. They become a “Hit” team of which Dan is the Lead. The team feels justified as they eliminate pedophiles and child abusers. Dan learns that there is no justification when one loses their soul.